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So I've recently moved into a new apartment here in San Mateo. I didn't have anything. Not a thing. Everything I had could fit in the back of my two-door acura integra. So you could understand how empty the apartment felt to me once I finally moved in. Its a 800 square foot 1-bedroom apartment, and all I had to my name within it was a couple baskets of clothes, a guitar, and a computer.

I really don't mind living such a simple life. In most cases I prefer it - it consolidates my worries into a nice bundled package. Before this I lived in a motel where I almost certainly overstayed my welcome. But here I am with an empty apartment. I quickly decided I needed to shop...a lot.

After bulk shopping at ikea, fry's electronics, and bed bath and beyond, I successfully transformed my empty apartment into something that felt more like home. But now a new problem arose. My wallet sure took a beating. If I have any advice for anyone out there right now, it is this. Don't furnish and flourish an entire apartment on one paycheck. It bites ya.

To build up the reserves again, I've been taking on quite a bit of freelance. So much so that I feel utterly wasted and exhausted. At this very moment in fact I'm taking a quick break from animating some characters. I sure hope I can take a breather soon.
Dan Fessler April 15 2009 0 Comments
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