To create meaningful, fun, and engaging experiences through art and game design.

My experience with over 20 commercial titles and passion for gaming will be beneficial to any team who desires to make high quality games.
3DS Max
Javascript, C#
Tilt Studios Cofounder 2011 - Current
Tilt Studios is an independent game studio I co-founded with industry veteran Nicolas Coderre in 2011 with a strong focus on mobile. Our services include contract development and co-development in addition to creating original IP. I handle all creative aspects of the company; from Art to Creative Direction.
Chasm is a 2D Action-RPG Platformer currently in co-development with Discord Games. I'm responsible for the environment art and general art direction.
Spunk and Moxie
Spunk and Moxie is an award-winning casual platformer co-developed with Chocolate Homunculus and released on Android and iOS devices in early 2013. We were responsible for all art content in the game, porting to iOS, and business consultation
Zynga Art Director 2012 - 2013
I was brought into Zynga with the aquisition of A Bit Lucky in 2012 as part of their New IP division. While there, my roles grew into Art Direction where I oversaw a team of 8-10 artists in addition to contributing high production quality 3D assets and concept art.
Provided art direction, technical art R&D, and 3D assets for a new IP in development. I interfaced directly with our creative director and executive leads to develop and maintain the quality and vision of all visuals in-game.
Solstice Arena
Solstice Arena is an award winning speed-MOBA for PC, Mac, and iOS. As Lead Artist I contributed to nearly all artistic aspects of the game including Concept Art, 3D Models, Environment, Rigging, and Animation. Later in the development I transitioned more to an Art Direction role where I oversaw the character pipeline and worked closely with design to develop new characters.
A Bit Lucky Lead Artist 2009 - 2012
As the founding member of the Art Department, I led and defined the visual style and technical art direction for all our games, provided 2D art assets including UI and in-game, and directed a team of outsourced artists. I also worked closely with the CCO to prototype new game ideas.
Lucky Space
Lucky Space (now defunct) is a social resource management game on facebook featuring pre-rendered 3D graphics. I modeled, textured, rigged, animated, rendered, and post-processed hundreds of featured buildings. I developed art tools and scripts to aid the pipeline including image batch processing tools, render shaders, and real-time glow FX. I also did some front-end design/development in HTML and Javascript for the out-of-frame UI.
Lucky Train
Lucky Train (now defunct) is a social city building game on facebook featuring a pixel art aesthetic. I created a 3D-to-pixel-art pipeline for our 16-directional animated trains and hand-pixeled the environment props and buildings. I developed art tools and scripts to aid the pipeline including a palette swapping tool and flipbook animation sequencer. Later in development I also directed a small team of outsourced pixel artists to maintain the live game.
Glu Mobile Senior Artist 2008 - 2009
As Senior Artist, I was responsible for the bulk of the assets on each project, defining the style, and leading a team of one to two additional artists when neccessary. I created mobile-optimised pixel graphics with a strong focus on character animation using proprietary animation tools.
Family Guy Uncensored
Space Monkey
Gameloft 2D Artist 2007 - 2008
At gameloft I was responsible for creating mobile-optimised pixel graphics for games including environments, characters, and game mockups.
New York Nights 2
Self Employed Artist 2006 - 2009
Freelance artwork done for various clients over the years.
Data Defense
COG1 Interactive - 2009
Diego: Dinosaur Rescue
Black Lantern - 2008
Dora: Snow Princess
Black Lantern - 2008
Barbie Fairytopia
Aha! Studios - 2007
Pixel Chix Babysitter
Aha! Studios - 2007
Cube World Block Bash
Aha! Studios - 2007
Rescue Pets
Aha! Studios - 2006
Miuchiz Bratz
Aha! Studios - 2006
Miuchiz Monsterz
Aha! Studios - 2006
Miuchiz Pawz
Aha! Studios - 2006